My First Toy Tractor

 Goodness how much have the toy tractors changed over the last 60 years!  For my first birthday, I received a new 1949 JD model “A” toy tractor with the man in the seat.  I farmed through the life of three living rooms carpets, so I am told.  Many, many hours of plowing, planting, harvesting, baling and hauling hay was spent with that little JD “A” and equipment.  Almost ran the wheels off of it, but, as you can see in the picture, they are still attached and moving.  Almost all of the paint is worn off of the little tractor, and the exhaust pipe is bent, the wheels are unstable, but it can still perform as it did in the early days.  Now we have a wide selection of JD toy tractors like the JD 8310T Trac tractor, everything is between, and most of the old two cylinders back to the very beginning with the famous Waterloo Boy.  Which of those toy tractors do you remember playing with?