The County Fair

  When I was growing up the county fair was the highlight of the summer.  We would have our calves and pigs there to show with the 4-H or FFA, enjoy the carnival, and take a look at the newest equipment available from all the dealers.  I remember the summer of 1957 when the newest John Deeres were displayed and I crawled on the model 620.  It was very nice and it even had power steering!  We had never experienced that option on any of the previous tractors we had owned.  Wasn’t too long after that fair was over, my dad went in and traded the old model “G” for a brand new 620.  It didn’t have all that much more HP, but the power steering sure helped a bunch with farming.  Somehow we had skipped over the 40, 50, 60 series in the early 50’s.  I never remember driving any of those first numbered tractors.  We went directly from the letters (A, B, G, MT) to the 620.  What an exciting day that was on our little farm in eastern Kansas.