Restoring the little 1941 JD “H”

The John Deere model “H” is a great little tractor to start learning about restoration.  I found this little “H” up in western Minnesota, and although it was running, it was putting out a lot of smoke!  So, the first thing that had to be done was take the engine apart and clean it up, have the valves ground, and replace the rings.  All the bearings and gears were in good shape so they did not need any special repairs.  After the engine is back together and running smoothly, the tractor needed two new front tires.  Then cleanup began and a little straightening of the tin and it was ready for paint prep.  After cleanup and priming were completed, then comes the fun of painting.  I am not a big fan of sleek, shinny power coated finish on the old two cylinder tractors.  That is not how they looked when new, so I give these old ones just two coats of classic green JD paint.  Nothing special, but they come out looking like the originals.  This little “H” cleaned up real nice and made a great tractor to parade and display at shows.  I have always regretted selling this little tractor.  But there will always be another one!