Remember When?

  If you were born in the 1930’s or 1940’s, you remember well the days of planting and harvest.  My father pulled the old 7 ft. JD combine with our 1952 John Deere model G.  It turned about 55 hp on the dyno and seemed to have enough power to do most anything around the farm in those days.  It pulled a mounted 3 bottom plow through the soft and the tough soil in the Kansas River bottom, as well as cultivate and disk or harrow too.  I don’t remember so much about the old John Deere pull type combine, but I do remember the day we got our new IH 101 self-propelled combine with a huge 12 ft. wheat head and two row corn picker.  What a day, and it made harvesting so much better!  Those were the days when work was hard and uncomfortable, but that’s all we knew.  Although, one good thing about those days – you could fix most anything that was broke right there in the field!


                                            Harvesting wheat in the 50’s

                                      The new IH model 101 combine in 1964