The good old days!

  Some of my earliest memories of the farm are of the wheat harvest every June.  Dad pulled his John Deere 7′ pull type PTO driven combine with his 1951 JD model G.  It was quite a sight, and it is still today.  No cabs on the tractors, no GPS to guide them across the field, no special monitors to announce the moisture content or the incoming yield of the crop.  What a time to be in farming.  Any of you remember those days?  Leave some feedback or a comment on the good old days on your farm.

                                                    Harvest time in Kansas



What’s up Doc?

  We’re off and running on a new adventure. My name is Al. I was born and raised on a farm just outside Lawrence, Kansas in the Kansas river valley. Some of the best land in the state. We raised corn, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum along with hogs, sheep, cattle, horses, & chickens. I became very familiar with the old green tractors and spent many hours helping dad with the farm work. I was the only son and the youngest child, and farm work came naturally. After graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Agricultural Education, I moved east and worked as a carpenter for several years. Finally in 2004, I was able to get my first tractor, actually a tractor my father had for many years before he died. That tractor was 1948 John Deere model “M”, and it was assembled in Dubuque, Iowa the very same month and year that I was born. We have a connection that runs deep. I set out to restore that old tractor to it’s original condition, but it was going to take several years.

                                            My John Deere B 1935

Welcome to OldGreenIron

I have finally got this blog up and running.  I hope it will be of interest to you all and we can have tons of fun sharing ideas about restoring old iron.  More to come.


                                                     Dad on the Little M