JD “L” 1939/41

JD “L” with Hercules motor  (1939-1941)

  I was looking for a project in early winter of 2007 when I saw an advertisement in the Antique Classifieds on the internet.  It caught my attention because it was described as “parts to 4 JD “L” tractors”.  I had never worked on the model “L” so I thought it might be an interesting project.  I bought the lot of parts over the phone and took off to SE Texas to find the treasure.  After 20 hours of driving my truck and pulling a trailer along, I reached the destination.  It wasn’t quite what I pictured it to be, but I brought the mess of parts home with me, never-the-less.  Then I went to work and began the adventure of putting these parts together and seeing what might happen. 

  It took about 6 weeks to complete the first JD “L”.  It had a clean serial tag and and was originally built in 1941.  I selected all the best parts to build the first tractor and everything worked great.  As soon as it was completed, I started on the second one.  Not so nice.  The second best parts sometimes were not complete or working properly, so I needed to find some replacement parts.  Also the motor needed a lot of attention and a complete rebuild.  This one took about two months, because of time to find parts and I did not have as much time available as in the spring.  By the middle of June we had a pair of JD “L’s”.  I advertised the ’41 and sold it within 12 hours to a man in western Canada.  He came by a few days later and took the little “L” to a new home.

  By October I had completed the third “L” and it sold also and went to live in Omaha.  So much fun building these little ones and sending them to new homes.  I did keep the 1939 “L” and still show it during the summer months.  It went to the Iowa State Fair in 2011.

JD "L" parts

Building the "L"

JD "L"s

John Deere “LA”


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