JD Electric 90/96

  This little baby is really an eye catcher. From 1972-1974, John Deere produced the Electric 90 (E90) self-propelled riding lawn mower.  They produced about 10,000 units of the E90 and another 3,000 of the improved E96, and then stopped production.  The E-90 runs on three batteries hooked up in series, so it produces 36 volts of power.  It has three electric motors: one for the drive train and one for each of the two blades.  It has a 36” mowing deck, and three speeds forward and one reverse.  The charge on the battery will last about 2 hours of continuous mowing and can easily be recharged by plugging into an outlet overnight.  You barely notice the hum of the motor as you drive along.  I have mowed several lawns with this one, and I have also ridden around tractor shows for a good ½ day and still have battery power left over.  Talk about going “Green”!  This one is a real gas saver!

  My two E-90’s were showing at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Wednesday Aug. 15, 2012 on the Grand Concourse.  Come on down and have a look. 

  Check out this page for more info:   http://www.myelec-traks.com/others.html 


                           A nice pair of 1972 Electric 90 battery powered lawn mowers

                                        Three 12 volt batteries with charger

JD E96 1










                                               Electric 96 Model


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