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Established in July 2005, this is the 

Purpose and the Goals of the club.



   The Gilbert Tractor Club was started July 12, 2005 when the five original members: (Jon Davis, Bob Gibson, Al Cox, Kim Redling, and Dick Struve) gathered at the Daisy Chains & Laughs Coffee House on Main Street for their first meeting. Dick drove his John Deere “A” to the meeting! These members met to share stores of “the old iron”, gather information on restoring their old treasures, plan future activities for the group, and serve as a resource for the students of Gilbert High  School Ag department.

   Since that first meeting in 2005, the club has expanded to include 170+ members with over 500 tractors and engines.


1.  Monthly Meetings with “Machine of the Month” discussion from a selected member.

2.  Winter Tour  (ie:  John Deere Works, Hart-Parr Museum, etc.)

3.  Web site listing parades/shows, relevant auctions, activities at fairs, classifieds…..

4.  Continuation of an annual Gilbert Tractor Show.

5. Encouragement of youth involved in projects through the FFA and/or 4-H youth programs.


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