Gibson Tractor

  My name is Bob Gibson & my interest in the Gibson Tractors started in 2002 when a friend of mine brought me a photo of a Model “D” Gibson. That was enough to spark my interest. As I started to research the Gibson line of tractors I discovered they were manufactured in Longmont, Colorado starting in 1946.  There were 8 different basic models manufactured in a variety of sizes & horse power. It was not long before the desire to have my own Gibson tractor came into play. After 18 months or more of watching auction ads from a very wide area I was able to locate a 1946 Model “D” on an auction in Reece, Kansas. So in April of 2004 it was off to Reece, Kansas. I was successful in being able to make the purchase & was happy to be headed back home to central Iowa to show my friends & family.

  The condition of the tractor was very rough but I didn’t care as it was mine & it was a Gibson. At the time of purchase it had a Briggs engine on it which was incorrect. After about 6 months of looking I was able to locate a 6 HP Wisconsin AEH engine in Montana & have it shipped to Iowa. The engine was in bad need of an overhaul. After another 1½ years of looking, locating & purchasing parts in a total of 10 states counting Iowa, I was able to complete the project. The tractor’s working days are long over but it now sets proudly at tractor shows as well going through parade routes.  My interest in the Gibson tractor line still continues on as I have been able to purchase two other models to my collection of Gibson’s. The 2 models that I have added are a 1947 Model “A” and a 1953 Model Super “D”. 

Bob Gibson        

Gilbert, Iowa


                                       The 1946 Gibson “D” before Restoration

                                         The 1946 Gibson “D” after Restoration