1969 JD 112 Hydraulic lift

For Sale:


1969 John Deere 112 Garden Tractor, 10 hp Kohler motor rebuilt, Hydraulic lift, serial # 151,003 –, with 46″ mowing deck. $975. New seat, new paint, new decals, & new front tires. In perfect running and show condition. Ready to mow. Also have a #31 tiller with mule drive and lift access.for $450. Near Ames,IA..




1935 Model “B” Unstyled

  I owned an unstyled model “B” as a teenager, so I always wanted to find one to fix up.  I saw one for sale on eBay and it was located only 30 miles from my house.  I purchased it and went and picked it up.  It actually ran pretty well but the front tires were shot and it was on steel rear wheels.  I found some rims that would fit it and some good used rear tires, and purchased a new set of tires for the front.  A few other parts that needed replaced were located and all the fluids changed.  I did find a pair of fenders that were optional on the old “B” and put them on.  After a good scrubbing and cleanup the old tractor looked pretty good.

  The one and only parade we drove it in, the left rear wheel decided to come off the axle during the parade.  After a little help from some friends, we were able to get the wheel back on and finish the parade.  Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.  After that I sold the “B” to a man from St. Louis and it went on to a new home.  Still I have fond memories of the old JD model “B”.

My JD "B"


JD 35 B 2


JD "B" 1935


Gibson Tractor

  My name is Bob Gibson & my interest in the Gibson Tractors started in 2002 when a friend of mine brought me a photo of a Model “D” Gibson. That was enough to spark my interest. As I started to research the Gibson line of tractors I discovered they were manufactured in Longmont, Colorado starting in 1946.  There were 8 different basic models manufactured in a variety of sizes & horse power. It was not long before the desire to have my own Gibson tractor came into play. After 18 months or more of watching auction ads from a very wide area I was able to locate a 1946 Model “D” on an auction in Reece, Kansas. So in April of 2004 it was off to Reece, Kansas. I was successful in being able to make the purchase & was happy to be headed back home to central Iowa to show my friends & family.

  The condition of the tractor was very rough but I didn’t care as it was mine & it was a Gibson. At the time of purchase it had a Briggs engine on it which was incorrect. After about 6 months of looking I was able to locate a 6 HP Wisconsin AEH engine in Montana & have it shipped to Iowa. The engine was in bad need of an overhaul. After another 1½ years of looking, locating & purchasing parts in a total of 10 states counting Iowa, I was able to complete the project. The tractor’s working days are long over but it now sets proudly at tractor shows as well going through parade routes.  My interest in the Gibson tractor line still continues on as I have been able to purchase two other models to my collection of Gibson’s. The 2 models that I have added are a 1947 Model “A” and a 1953 Model Super “D”. 

Bob Gibson        

Gilbert, Iowa


                                       The 1946 Gibson “D” before Restoration

                                         The 1946 Gibson “D” after Restoration


John Deere 112 Garden Tractor

John Deere 112  Garden Tractor

The John Deere model 112 came out in 1966. After the successful sales of the John Deere Model 110, Deere realized they need a larger size mower for the larger size jobs. The John Deere 112 carried on the same sleek styling of the model 110, but with a larger motor and of course, a wider deck. The new John Deere 112 had the following specifications:

  * Cast-iron Tecumseh HH100 ten hp engine.                                                                     * 4-speed transaxle with super low for tilling                                                                   * Electric start,                                                                                                                     * Worm gear steering                                                                                                           * Fiberglass hood                                                                                                                   * 1.9 gal fuel tank                                                                                                                   * Dry type air filter                                                                                                               * Variable speed drive

Featuring New and Used John Deere Garden Tractor Parts

The John Deere 112 is truly a farm-bred tractor. They bring time saving performance and convenience that owners expect form John Deere. They are designed for everyone to drive with a triple-safe starting system to prevent dangerous unexpected starts. The variable speed drive gives you complete control to match the tougher job conditions without sacrificing engine speed or working efficiency. Hydraulic Lift was a new option for the 1966 model year on the 110 and 112.

The 1966 John Deere 112 had a base weight of 642 lbs, and carried a $830 price tag. A 112 with hyd lift weighed in at 663 lbs and was $938. The #46 deck was $150.

The 1968 model year John Deere 112 showed a lot of new changes. The fenders and platform were combined into a 1 piece fender deck. An adjustable cushioned seat provided great comfort. Slanted footrests provided a place to rest the feet while mowing. Headlights were placed right above the grill just under the front lip of the hood. In 1969 another 10hp was an option. You could get a K241AS 10hp Kohler. Hyd lift was still an option.

1972 brought another hp change to the John Deere 112. A 12 hp K301AS Kohler was standard. Manual and Hyd lift were dropped and electric lift was the only lift option. An electric PTO clutch was standard 1972,73. In 1974 a manually engaged PTO replaced the electric clutch on the John Deere 112.

Year – Serial Number – Engine
1966 — 2,551 -3,550 ——— Tecumseh HH100 (10hp)
1967 — 3,551 – 100,000 —– Tecumseh HH100
1968 — 100,001 – 130,000 — Tecumseh HH100
1969 — 130,001 – 150,000 — Tecumseh HH100
1969 — 150,001 – 160,000 — Kohler K241 (10hp)
1970 — 160,001 – 180,000 — Tecumseh HH100
1970 — 180,001 – 185,000 — Kohler K241
1971 — 185,001 – 225,000 — Tecumseh HH100 (10hp)
1971 — 225,001 – 250,000 — Kohler K241
1972 — 250,001 – 260,000 — Kohler K301 (12hp)
1973 — 260,001 – 300,000 — Kohler K301 (12hp)
1974 — 300,001 —————- Kohler K301 (12hp)

Summary by Brad Lundell, Photo from John Deere specification literature.
Article content courtesy of WeekendFreedomMachines.com


1970 JD 112 with Hydraulic Lift


1973 JD 112 with Electric Lift & Clutch


JD Model 110 Garden Tractor

John Deere Model 110 Garden Tractor

The first John Deere 110 lawn and garden tractor was built in the John Deere manufacturing facility in Horicon, Wisconsin, in 1963 and subsequently became an American classic. The tractor was originally designed as a garden tractor, although it is often called a lawn tractor; the company discontinued the model 110 in 1974.

The John Deere 110 garden tractor was designed for low-end tilling and high-speed mowing. The first model had a Kohler model K161 air-cooled, cast-iron engine that delivered 7 horsepower. The tractor had a three-speed transmission that allowed the operator to slow the tractor without reducing the power delivered to equipment.  To prevent children from accidentally starting the engine, the clutch had to be in neutral, the power train disengaged and the key turned on.  To demonstrate this safety feature, early advertisements showed children scrambling about the tractor.

The drive belts and rear tires of the original Model 110 were enclosed, and there was a full hood and grill to protect the battery, engine and starter. The drive belts and rear tires were enclosed. The tractor had a scratch-resistant plastic hood and fender.

Early Improvements

In 1964, John Deere introduced the Kohler K181S engine, which delivered 8 horsepower. Also in that year, the company replaced the fiberglass fenders with steel ones. In 1965, John Deere changed the transmission from three speeds to four speeds. In 1966, the company offered an optional hydraulic lift, which had to be installed at the factory; it could not be added later.

In 1968, John Deere replaced the separate round fenders with a one-piece fender deck. In 1972, the tractor came with a larger, heavier frame, and buyers could choose from a Kohler K181S engine, which delivered 8 horsepower, or a Kohler K241S engine, which yielded 10 horsepower. In 1973, an optional electric lift was added. The early models weighed 500 lbs.; the later models weighed 775 lbs.

Serial Numbers

1963: 2550
1964: 3551
1965: 15001
1966: 40001
1967: 65001
1968: 100001
1969: 130001
1970: 160000
1971: 185001
1972: 250001
1973: 272001
1974: 310001

JD 1966 110

 1966 JD 110 Restored – Serial # 48,808


Gilbert Tractor Club

GTC Logo 001    Gtc Logo 2

Established in July 2005, this is the 

Purpose and the Goals of the club.



   The Gilbert Tractor Club was started July 12, 2005 when the five original members: (Jon Davis, Bob Gibson, Al Cox, Kim Redling, and Dick Struve) gathered at the Daisy Chains & Laughs Coffee House on Main Street for their first meeting. Dick drove his John Deere “A” to the meeting! These members met to share stores of “the old iron”, gather information on restoring their old treasures, plan future activities for the group, and serve as a resource for the students of Gilbert High  School Ag department.

   Since that first meeting in 2005, the club has expanded to include 170+ members with over 500 tractors and engines.


1.  Monthly Meetings with “Machine of the Month” discussion from a selected member.

2.  Winter Tour  (ie:  John Deere Works, Hart-Parr Museum, etc.)

3.  Web site listing parades/shows, relevant auctions, activities at fairs, classifieds…..

4.  Continuation of an annual Gilbert Tractor Show.

5. Encouragement of youth involved in projects through the FFA and/or 4-H youth programs.


Visit our Web Site:     Gilbert Tractor Club

GTC in Boone


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