JD Electric 90/96

  This little baby is really an eye catcher. From 1972-1974, John Deere produced the Electric 90 (E90) self-propelled riding lawn mower.  They produced about 10,000 units of the E90 and another 3,000 of the improved E96, and then stopped production.  The E-90 runs on three batteries hooked up in series, so it produces 36 volts of power.  It has three electric motors: one for the drive train and one for each of the two blades.  It has a 36” mowing deck, and three speeds forward and one reverse.  The charge on the battery will last about 2 hours of continuous mowing and can easily be recharged by plugging into an outlet overnight.  You barely notice the hum of the motor as you drive along.  I have mowed several lawns with this one, and I have also ridden around tractor shows for a good ½ day and still have battery power left over.  Talk about going “Green”!  This one is a real gas saver!

  My two E-90’s were showing at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Wednesday Aug. 15, 2012 on the Grand Concourse.  Come on down and have a look. 

  Check out this page for more info:   http://www.myelec-traks.com/others.html 


                           A nice pair of 1972 Electric 90 battery powered lawn mowers

                                        Three 12 volt batteries with charger

JD E96 1










                                               Electric 96 Model


16 thoughts on “JD Electric 90/96

  1. Wow that is really a neat mower. With gas the way it is. That John Deere is what we all need. I have a small 2 acre farm here in florida..Is that machine for sale??Do you still have it??? What would be the price of something in the good of condition go for…….Thx’s Don

    • Don,
      Sorry, the mower is not for sale and they are a little hard to find. They were only made from ’72-’75 — around 3,000 of them. They are great for small normal yards and can run about two hours. Take a look on Craig’s list or Antique Classified and see if you can find one in your area.

  2. Nice site! My mom has two of these electric 90’s and is looking to find a home for them. One is in running shape and the other is a frame but no deck or seat.

    They will be listed on the Lincoln NE Craigslist this week.


  3. I have a really nice 1973 E90, completely working, with new batteries, in boulder, CO if anyone is interested in buying it. I also have a spare parts E90. Let me know if you need any parts.


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