1948 model “M”

  After getting the old “M” home, we quickly realized that there were several badly needed repairs to be made. The first obvious need was new rear tires. The old ones were worn and cracked, and leaking fluid. Also, one of the rear rims needed to be replaced. It took several days to run down replacement rims, and then get new tires mounted. That task was completed about 2 hours before our annual city parade in July 2004. We made it and made our debut in the parade.
The next item was a minor overhaul of the engine. The head was cracked, so we replaced that. And it needed new rings, but the bearings were all good to go. After replacing other minor parts, we were ready to paint. This was a considerable challenge since I do not have a paint room in my shop. So, we covered everything else up and went to work with the painting. You can view some of these pictures at the following link: http://www.acdcresources.com/JD%20M.htm
Finally in the spring of 2006, we had the old “M” completely restored and put back together and she was running and looking like new. In August 2009, the little “M” had the opportunity to show off at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines. That was a very proud day in her history.


                                            1948 “M” at the Iowa State Fair